Shadow Hills Estates area when it was called Japanese Gardens, date: around 1954
Shadow Hills Estates  approx. 1999 Notice the powerline tower.
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Central Trail
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Central Trail Central Trail Art St. Wicks St. Helen Ave. Sunland Blvd. Stonehurst Sheldon St. Wheatland Ave..
Before Stallion Ranch Estates was established at the end of Janetta Way. (~2003)
In 1982, Shadow Hills Estates was under construction, with most of the building pads in place, and some homes on Wicks Street completed.
In 1954 it appears that there was a house and some farm buildings where Janetta Way bends slightly. Also there was a dirt road (trail?) that is currently known as the Janetta to Central Connector trail.
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Stallion Ranch Estates (at the end of Janetta) construction underway :-(
Looking south from the cul-de- sac at SRE.
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